Action Potential

Industrial Rehabilitation

Whether you are a physician with a work injured patient, an employer who needs to provide a safer, yet more productive work environment, or an insurance specialist looking to reduce claims, our goals for the working patient include:




• alleviating pain

• injury-specific education to prevent reinjury

• increased flexibility and range of motion

• increased strength

• improved function

In addition to having a reputation for excellence and a broad base of experience treating work-related injuries, our industrial rehab program benefits the patient and their employer in a multitude of ways from Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomics Assessments as well as Post Offer Employment Tests.  Let KH Physical Therapy bring it all to your patient.  At KH Physical Therapy, the occupational health program was designed to treat all kinds of occupational injuries, reduce or eliminate pain and return individuals to work. We partner with employers to protect employees’ health as well as the interests of your company.  It’s all provided with one purpose in mind — helping you maximize the health of your company… and your employees.

For more information on our industrial rehabilitation program, please contact us today. We welcome and encourage your referrals.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations – How badly is the patient injured?
  • We use objective computerized tests and our evaluation results are backed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Our test results can assist you in determining what limits need to be in place for proper return work.
  • Do you require an Ergonomic assessments/job task analysis?
  • We can measure the specific physical components of a job and determine the safest, most efficient way to do it to help people avoid injury or reinjury.
  • Do you offer Post Offer Employment Testing and how do we return an injured worker to their usual and customary position, if they were physically unable to perform the physical demands of the job?
  • A Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) is a tool used to test a worker's physical abilities to the specific physical demands of a job. POETs are performed after a conditional job offer is made, but before starting work. They can screen out candidates who cannot perform the physical job demands, reduce work related injuries and gather baseline data in motion, strength and functional status. The results are cost savings by: injury prevention, post-injury baselines and apportionment.
  • Why settle for less?
  • Here at KH Physical Therapy, our goal is to help people look, feel and perform their best. We want every patient to move without pain, and we want them to get stronger so they can avoid future problems or reinjury. Our mission is to help the patient return to work and all their prior activities of daily living without pain. Basically, we just want them to get back to living. Let our dedicated professionals help your patient reach their goals safely, effectively and quickly.